FAQ – Drag Stars at Sea Cruise – Caribbean Adventure

To All Our Valued Guests:

As you can all imagine, we have had many people calling us with questions concerning the change in plans with the upcoming Drag Stars At Sea cruise, spotlighting the hottest names in Drag on December 2, 2012.

We’ve noticed that many common questions are similar and can be answered in mass. We are happy to announce that many of your concerns have been handled directly by our customer service department to our passenger’s satisfaction. Thank you for allowing us that opportunity. We are also pleased that so many of you on our waiting list are now booked with this new itinerary. We are happy that we were able to accommodate you and are sure you will have an amazing time.

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that have been posed to us by our current clients that might help in those in the process of deciding.

What if I have already pre-booked my flight to Tampa and it is non-refundable:

  • Please contact us immediately and directly. We ask that you provide us with your airline record locator, airline ticket number and final confirmation number. This will allow us to quickly locate your flight information in an effort to handle this issue directly for you to the best of our ability and your ultimate satisfaction.
  • If you have booked your flight through ALandCHUCK.travel, you are completely protected and should experience no problems. We will take care of the transfers for all our customers currently booked on flights through us.

We booked the trip because of the original ports of call….not because of the Drag performers?

  • We understand that the Drag Super Stars were not the only draw on the original trip itinerary. The MAIN reason to go on THIS particular trip is the sheer volume of Drag entertainment. It is truly a once in a lifetime event!

We are offering a full, no-questions asked refund with a 24 hour turn-around on deposits for those of you THAT ARE BOOKED and would prefer not to visit the new ports of call. This practice is unheard of within the industry. Most agencies take 4 to 6 weeks to refund any deposits. We understand that this change in itinerary is an inconvenience to a few of our guests and therefore want to make this transition as positive an experience as possible for them.

Please take advantage of this grace period with our compliments for any unintentional inconvenience.

Why was my comment deleted off of Facebook?

We removed some negative comments on Facebook for the following reasons:

  1. Many of the people making the comments were not even booked on the trip and therefore they had no real issues that we could correct for them. All legitimate posts have been recorded and are being addressed on a case by case basis.
  2. Some of the issues that clients had commented on were personally removed by them once we corrected their particular problem.
  3. We found instances upon investigation that rival companies were posting comments on our wall whose sole intention was to malign our reputation publicly. We have turned in this information to Facebook and those individuals are being investigated.
  4. The information that was being disseminated was false and misleading. We felt they were maliciously placed there to fan the flames of the minimal discontent that we have been experiencing.

Currently, our group page and event page are still up, even though they still have information pertaining to the previous itinerary. We’ve purposefully kept these pages up so that there would be a forum for our true costumers to ask serious questions or vent frustrations. Our hope was that by leaving these pages up we would able to prove our superior customer service. We are getting to all our customers by email, personal call or private instant message.

We implore that you please only take official comments from us as the honest state of this situation that we are trying to rectify as soon as humanly possible.

Why has my call not been returned yet?

  • We are returning calls in the order they have been received. The majority of calls have not been to cancel, but instead to ask questions about the new itinerary. Please remember that we have only had 2 business days since the change was announced to facilitate the many calls that have come in. We are doing our best to service everyone in a timely way.

Why was the name of the trip changed from Drag Race to Drag Stars?

  • Although we are presenting sponsors of Rupaul’s Drag Race, this trip is in NO WAY affiliated with LOGO TV or World of Wonder Television. We felt it was best to change the name to avoid any confusion. This change was made 3 weeks ago and had nothing to do with the change of ship or itinerary.

I live close to the Port of Tampa. Is there anything you can do to help me get Miami?

  • We understand this is troublesome for our Central Florida passengers. Please call us directly at our toll-free number so that we can make arrangements for transportation or offer you a comparable solution for the inconvenience. We are sure to come to a resolution that will meet to your satisfaction. Please have your invoice number ready. NOTE: This only applies to the transfers of currently booked clients before May 17th.

Are we still going to be able to enjoy interacting with the performers or are we only going to be able to see them from the main stage?

  • The entertainers are not just performing on this cruise – they are passengers as well! You will see them around the pool, at cocktail receptions and many other exciting events that we have planned to get you up close and personal with your favorite Drag Super Star!

There are also unfounded rumors that we would like to address as well.

RUMOR: ALandCHUCK.travel is going out of business.

TRUTH: No, we are not. In fact, we have many fantastic tours planned for 2013 and beyond.

RUMOR: Many of the Drag Stars are cancelling.

TRUTH: No, they are not. Below is a full list of the performers that have signed contracts. They are committed to performing on the cruise and are looking forward to interacting with their fans face to face. Additionally, many of the performers have stated that they are thrilled with the fact that this is a newer larger ship, with a more appropriate show venue.  These are all the entertainers that will be travelling and performing on the Drag Stars at Sea – Caribbean Adventure!

Alexis Mateo

Alisa Summers

Bebe Zahara Benet

Carmen Carrera

Chad Michaels

Delta Work

Dida Ritz

India Ferrah

Jade Chicago

Jessica Wild

Jiggly Caliente

Juju Bee

LaShauwn Beyond

Latrice Royale

Madame LaQueer

Manila Luzon


Michelle Visage


Mimi Imfurst

Morgan McMichaels

Mystique Summers

Pandora Boxx

Phi Phi O’Hara


Raja Gemini

Rebecca Glasscock

Sahara Davenport



Sharon Needles


Stacey Layne Matthews


The Princess

Tyra Sanchez

Venus D’Lite

Yara Sofia

RUMOR: Norwegian is a better quality cruise line than Carnival.

TRUTH: First of all, we are sure Carnival would disagree. However, we can assure you that both brands are comparable and each has their pros and cons. Carnival is just the best choice for THIS particular trip event. Again, the ship is larger, newer and can accommodate the size of our show better. Not to mention, the GLORY will be totally renovated in time for our sailing. Still if it is your preference not to travel on Carnival, please do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our full refund without penalty by end of business on Thursday, May 17th.

RUMOR: Most of the passengers are cancelling.

TRUTH: A small number of our currently booked customers have cancelled. We are in the process of returning their deposits within our self-imposed 24 hour deadline. These cancellations have already been replaced with new bookings for people that are excited to join us off the wait-list on this new cruise line to meet their favorite Drag Super Stars.

RUMOR: ALandCHUCK.travel made this change because they are greedy.

TRUTH: Nothing can be further from the truth. Yes, we were allowed to add additional cabins to accommodate the mile long list of names on our waiting list because this new ship is simply LARGER. But, this change was not motivated exclusively by that factor. Making a change of this magnitude would never have been worth it, when stacked against the countless man hours and possible risks of upsetting our current clients.

The reality is that we underestimated the capacity of the venue space of our previous choice. There was no way to accommodate all our clients at the previous venue. On-going showtimes would have been necessary every night so that ALL our guests would be able to see ALL their favorite celebrities perform comfortably and there was still a chance that some passengers would have missed the opportunity to see their favorite Drag Super Star.  We take ownership of that oversight. The scheduled shows now will accommodate all guests and performers in a proper venue for a show of this size.


Please understand that we did not make this decision lightly. We really thought it would be perceived as an UPGRADE to all those attending. Truthfully, we are pleased to see how many of our clients have expressed excitement with the new change. But, we do not downplay the ones that are dissatisfied. We are doing everything within our power to accommodate the few, but important individuals that would prefer to cancel. Remember, NO OTHER TRIP OF THIS KIND HAS EVER BEEN ATTEMPTED. We appreciate your patience.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, we implore you to please give us the opportunity offer you the best in customer service by contacting us at 866-949-1429.

We hope this helps and thank you for your questions, See you in December and get ready for the best time of your LIFE!


Francisco Garcia

Marketing Director


America’s #1 Gay Travel Specialists

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    Inspiring quest there. What happened after?

  3. Now this is a vacation lol. This looks like an interesting way to spend your Caribbean cruise.

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