Going to great heights to experience Antigua!

We will be traveling to various places around the Caribbean as part of our Drag Stars at Sea: Pirates of the Caribbean and we here know that people like a certain amount of adventure whenever they travel abroad. To that end we are going to look at some of the exciting prospects at our destinations and show you a few ideas for you to have a great time on this or any other trip to the Caribbean. Today we’re going to Antiguawhere the great view is only the half of it!

Shirley Heights, as the name suggests, is a very high point on the island of Antigua. It used to be a military complex which served as a lookout over English Harbor and a small military installation. As the island’s Signal Station, it employed a series of flags during the day or a series of guns at night when they needed to get a message to St. John’s. Aside from the mild historical context the amazing view is what this place is really about. People are in complete agreement that watching the sun set at this particular vantage point is one of the most beautiful in the entire Caribbean, if not the world. Many of the views in postcards and magazines of Antigua, or in photos like the above, come from this location. The breathtaking view of the island is one that absolutely cannot be missed!

The Donkey Sanctuary on the island is a great deal of fun made from something with a more sinister past. Back in the days of slavery the donkeys were used to haul sugar all over the island, and as you can imagine the animals were treated very poorly and were overworked to the extreme. When slavery was abolished and there was no longer mass quantities of sugar to be transported the donkeys were abandoned to their fate. Luckily, a group of very kind people decided that the animals should be given a home and thus this lovely place come into being! Everyone who visits the sanctuary raves about how fun it is, and how remarkably gentle the creatures are. They are quite friendly and most of all the donkeys love all of the attention you can give them. The Sanctuary offers tours of the facility where a knowledgeable guide will give you some great information on the donkeys you are observing! Perhaps not what would expect on a beautiful island, but a must see replace regardless!


Hell’s Gate is a rock formation that holds a little bit of mythos behind it. You may have noticed the rock looks very similar to the continent of Africa. Local legend says that when people were being brought over by Africa they would have to pass this rock to reach the island proper, and that over time the formation shifted to match the land where these people came from. Regardless of legends though, the people who visit the rock formation really get a kick out of it and it is a lovely place to take some photographs. All of the pristine water surrounding the formation doesn’t hurt a bit either! You can even go snorkeling nearby, which is a treat due to all of the fish that swim in the waters.

Antigua is a very attractive island with a lot of fun activities to explore! It never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful so many of the islands of the Caribbean are, it is TRULY humbling to be able to view it. We are happy to be visiting here as part of our Drag Stars at Sea: Pirates of the Caribbean! For all of the information about this trip, please go here!

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