Fortifying Your Knowledge of San Juan Landmarks!

We will be traveling to various places around the Caribbean as part of our Drag Stars at Sea: Pirates of the Caribbean and we here know that people like a certain amount of adventure whenever they travel abroad. To that end we are going to look at some of the exciting prospects at our destinations and show you a few ideas for you to have a great time on this or any other trip to the Caribbean. Today we take in some of the landmarks of San Juan, where the people of the past are not forgotten!

Castillo San Felipe del Morro, otherwise known as Morro Castle, is a 16th-century citadel built by the Spanish. It is named in honor of King Philip II of Spain. The construction of the building and its surrounding walls began in 1539 on the order of King Charles V of Spain. Sometimes referred to as el Morro, or ‘the promontory’, it was designed to guard the entrance to the San Juan Bay as well as defend the city against seafaring enemies. During the Spanish rule of the island, from 1539 to 1898,  the fort survived several attacks from other major global powers spread throughout the years. In 1595 the English led by Sir Francis Drake attacked the city with his fleet but were repelled. Later the Dutch would capture the city by bypassing the Fort’s natural defense of the Bay and going overland. However the fort withstood the long siege and eventually the Dutch were forced to withdraw, although they did sack the city before leaving. The last bit of activity for El Morro came in 1898 during the Spanish-American war, where American naval forces attacked three times. Eventually this assault led to the Treaty of Paris, which gave Puerto Rico, among other Caribbean islands, to the United States. In 1983 the citadel was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Over two million people visit it every year, making it one of the more popular tourist attractions on the island.

Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery is a colonial-era cemetery located in Old San Juan and construction began on it in 1863. Many of Puerto Rico’s most famous and well regarded citizens are laid to rest there. The location of the cemetery is central to the Puerto Rican belief in the barrier between life and death. The Spanish government who oversaw the construction of the cemetery viewed death with trepidation due to it being the great unknown. With this in mind, it was decided that the cemetery would be built to overlook the Atlantic Ocean in a symbolic gesture of the spirit’s journey to cross over to the next life. Many visitors come here every year to take in the beautiful work done on the various constructs all around the cemetery. Notable people laid to rest here include Aurora de Albornoz, Ricardo Alegria and José Ferrer. 

San Juan has a lot of history behind it, and that is shown in its buildings as well as how beautifully they honor their dead. However for all of its interesting past and intriguing places to explore, San Juan is just one of the many great places you can travel to as part of our Drag Stars at Sea: Pirates of the Caribbean! For all of the information you could possibly want on this amazing trip, go here.

An excellent culinary experience in San Juan!

One of the great things about traveling is the chance to experience different cultures around the world first hand, and there are few better ways to do that then to take a bite of someone’s food. Like music, food is a universal language. We all eat, we enjoy food in vastly different ways, and one person’s supreme meal is another person’s garbage.  I have been doing a lot of research lately when it comes to the highlights of the world, and quite a bit of that time has been devoted to various eateries. Today’s treats come from San Juan, where local ingredients are turned into something special!

Marmalade is a truly thrilling experience that any person who enjoys food should treat themselves to while in the city. Not to be mistaken for a wholly casual experience, sandals and shorts aren’t part of the dress code but the ambiance more than makes up for having to get dressed up. Customers note that the service is fantastic with friendly and knowledgeable staff. It was a consistent trend that the bar tenders here know their drinks and create absolutely delicious concoctions to be enjoyed! Speaking of drinks, this restaurant has won six awards of excellence when it comes to wine pairings, so you can expect very high quality wine that suits the food you are eating here.


There is a special pride here about how they go about their business. On an island where over ninety percent of the food is imported for consumption, they aggressively pursue and support small producers and local farmers who share their ideals for organic and sustainable means of producing and eating food. They have plenty of vegan options but what is the true common denominator in all of their food is the commitment to excellence and the explosive flavors they pack into every dish. For fish lovers they have the Queen Red Snapper, which is poached in a Thai style curry and coconut broth and then served over a bed of jasmine rice and spiced shrimp-sesame dumplings. Customers rave that the flavors mix beautifully and create a marvelous seafood experience. The Heritage Berkshire Pork Cheeks are another delicious item, served with barbequed black bean puree, garlicky greens roasted peanut and lime emulsion, and a Californian peach-pablano marmalade. The mixture of flavors are talked about as quite the delight!


No fine dining experience is complete without some delicious dessert, of course. One of the featured item is the Millionaires Ice Cream, which is churned with fresh French summer truffles on the inside and served with honeycomb & hazelnuts along with shaved truffles on the outside. It is a truly amazing ice cream experience that customers keep coming back for time and time again! For something truly organic one only needs to look towards the Blueberry-Lavender “No-No” cake. No gluten, no eggs, no dairy, no nuts, no refined sugar of any kind, no GMO’s… everything organic! Needless to say it also tastes absolutely fantastic and is one of the most ordered items off of the dessert menu! They also have a peanut brittle ice cream that wasn’t talked about much but that I personally would love to try, as a lover of peanut brittle!

Marmalade is an interesting and creative restaurant that is clearly striving to bring something amazing to the people of San Juan. Their commitment to excellence oozes off all of their decisions, and their welcoming staff proceeds what is world class food. You should stop in whenever you are in town, and you can get in town as part of our Drag Stars at Sea: Pirates of the Caribbean! For all of the information for this amazing cruise, go here.

Drag Stars At Sea: North America (OFFICIAL PAGE)

Untitled Document proudly presents


Drag Stars At Sea: Europe / aboard Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas
October 2 – 9, 2015 sailing London, Southampton, Vigo, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Barcelona

Drag Stars At Sea: North America / aboard Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas
January 23 – 30, 2016 San Juan, St Thomas, St John, St Croix, Antigua, St Lucia, Granada

DRAG STARS AT SEA: North America
“Pirates Of The Caribbean”
Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas,  January 23 – 30, 2016

8 Days from $439 plus government taxes & fees

We are very pleased to announce the 5th Installment of Drag Stars At Sea North America aboard the HUGE 139,000 ton Adventure of the Seas sailing from the MOVIE SET of the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean” San Juan, Puerto Rico to St Thomas & St John, St Croix, Antigua, St Lucia, and Granada.  This amazing itinerary is all brand new and never done before for Drag Stars At Sea and is the most port and beach intensive in our history.  ADDITIONALLY, gone is Thanksgiving weekend allowing you to plan without a holiday and at lower airfares than ever before for a PEAK WINTER CRUISE! This incredible cruise experience will also feature optional tours including our famous London PILLAGE & PLUNDER “Syrens Scream” pre party.  Your 2 Day / 1 night stay is the perfect way to start your Vacation experience.    Best of all, Drag Stars At Sea North America “Pirates Of The Caribbean” includes the largest gathering of Drag Stars in San Juan’s history, fantastic shows, incredible theme parties, unique and exclusive shore excursions, and many other special activities to make this a vacation of a lifetime.  There is NOTHING like this in North America and it promises to be a vacation of a lifetime!

ON LINE RESERVATIONS will open on Friday, January 9, 2015 EXCLUSIVELY for past Drag Stars At Sea guests.  All other guests can start to make reservations on Monday, January 12 (exclusively on line).  Phone reservations will not be accepted until beginning Friday, January 16.  See website starting on Friday, January 9 for all cruise details and the booking reservation link. (note: the Facebook 2014 group pages will close on Friday, January 9.  We invite you to the new 2015 Europe and 2016 North America group pages which are now open and where all the conversation will be.)


  • Reservations are available ONLY with exclusive booking through  Guests with reservations from any other travel company or the cruise line directly will not be participants for Drag Stars At Sea.


  • NO OTHER GROUPS (or its subsidiaries) WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CRUISE.  ONLY Drag Stars At Sea guests will be allowed to make reservations for this cruise and you will be our ONLY special guests aboard the ship.
  • THIS WILL BE A MORE INTIMATE EXPERIENCE achieved by allowing a MUCH smaller number of guests than the full ship experience we have done in the past. In fact, we plan to limit our reservation number to a much smaller total than we have done in recent years.  It allows our cruise to be more intimate and filled with very personal vacation experiences. Our goal is to create a more intimate vacation and travel experience where you can interact with all guests and stars.


  • YOU ARE HOSTED BY ALL THE QUEENS, no Queen selection is needed.  New for DSAS, you will have interaction and be hosted by ALL the queens on the cruise.  More time is provided for interaction, meet/greets and many special activities aboard ship.  Our goal is for you to see ALL the talent and have a more intimate experience aboard Drag Stars At Sea.
  • SPECIAL MEET & GREET WITH EVERY STAR ON THE WORLD FAMOUS ROYAL PROMENADE ABOARD SHIP.  This unique four story high indoor mall-like room is perhaps the most amazing public room on any ship in the world and runs nearly the entire length of the ship.  You will enjoy a special meet/greet with EVERY STAR in one place along the Royal Promenade becoming the largest photo meet/greet in history!


  • EXCLUSIVE VIP EXPERIENCE WITH THE STARS.  New to Drag Stars At Sea we are providing a very intimate experience with your favorite star.  This VIP experience is just $99.  The VIP Experience is with just a maximum of 8 guests as you interact with your star.  Begin with a 30 minute cocktail meet/greet with your star and exclusive guests (cash bar).  Next you have a special dinner table and enjoy dinner with your star.  It is the ultimate opportunity to talk to and KiKi with the performer at your own dinner table.  Finally you enjoy a show that includes your star with VIP front/near row seating. This VIP Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  (advance reservations will be available on line)
  • SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE SHORE EXCURSIONS AVAILABLE ONLY TO GUESTS OF DRAG STARS AT SEA.  Special private tours are available in every port at special reduced pricing exclusively with guests hosted by our staff and selected Queens.  You can start to make reservations for these special trips on Friday, January 9.


  • FOUR SPECIAL PARTIES ABOARD SHIP. Participating in Drag Stars At Sea will allow you to participate in four special parties. Enjoy THE BLACK PEARL BALL which will be our welcome aboard Masquerade party.  We also will have three additional theme & costume parties aboard ship.  These elaborate events welcome you however you see fit.  But if you wish to fully participate, you will enjoy some of the most amazing costumes, drag presentations and a special $500 prize to the best presentation for EACH party aboard.  It makes Drag Stars At Sea a cruise like no other.
  • CONCEIRGE DESK ABOARD SHIP.  An exclusive benefit for our Drag Stars At Sea guests is a Concierge Desk that we operate daily.  It will provide information on every aspect of the cruise and goes much farther than what is available through the cruise lines Guest Services.  This concierge service is provided exclusively by staff.


  • WELCOME ABOARD MEETING & STARS MEET/GREET. On the day you board the cruise will host a Drag Stars At Sea Welcome Aboard Presentation that will include a welcome to all guests, the latest information on the cruise and meeting all the stars of the cruise.  It is an exclusive for DSAS guests.
  • “AT A GLANCE” COMMUNICATION BULLETIN. Your electronic documents will arrive 7 to 10 days prior to departure and will include “AT A GLANCE” the exclusive on board communication tool for Drag Stars At Sea.  This concise summary of all events aboard the ship will help you plan and remember every detail to ensure it is a vacation of a lifetime.


  • MAKE UP CLASS.  We offer an exclusive Make Up Class hosted by a star that if you choose to participate can be outstanding for those in Drag or for every day needs (additional charge and advance reservations will be available on line)
  • BAR & DRINK PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE. is happy to announce that unlimited soda, wine, bar and other packages will be available to Drag Stars At Sea guests.  (advance reservations will be available on line).


  • OUTSTANDING DINING CHOICES.  Guests of Drag Stars At Sea will be able to participate in a fantastic featured dining choices including:

MY TIME DINING:  You enjoy open seating for dinner (all meals are included aboard ship FREE in the buffet or main dining room) to dine when you want and who you want to dine with. The ultimate choice.

PORTOFINO Gourmet Italian Dinner:  One evening this specialty restaurant is a feature for Drag Stars At Sea guests to enjoy with staff and select Stars (small additional charge and advance reservations will be available on line)

CHOPS GRILLE Gourmet Steakhouse Dinner:  One evening this specialty restaurant is a feature for Drag Stars At Sea guests to enjoy with staff and select Stars (small additional charge and advance reservations will be available on line)

CHEFS TABLE Gourmet Dinner Experience: One evening this specialty WORLD CLASS dining experience is a feature exclusively for Drag Stars At Sea guests to enjoy.

  • DRAG STAR AT SEA JACKPOT BINGO PARTY.  During the sailing you will enjoy a jackpot Bingo party hosted by select Queens.  It will be a fun and entertaining event aboard Drag Stars At Sea.


  • STUDIO B WHITE ICE PARTY.  During the cruise you will enjoy a special WHITE ICE PARTY that will be held in the largest Ice Skating venue aboard a ship in the world.  Enjoy skating (small additional charge for skates) and music/bar to make the party fun. Dress the part as we offer this special WHITE PARTY unlike has ever been done before.
  • CARIBBEAN OPEN GOLF PARTY.  During the cruise you will enjoy a special round of golf (well, 9 holes of Goofy Golf) as we host a party called the “Caribbean Open.”  It promises to be lots of fun!



Saturday  /  January 23, 2016  /  Sail from San Juan, Puerto Rica  /  8:30 pm
Sunday  /  January 24, 2016  /  St Thomas & St John, US Virgin Islands  /  8 am – 6 pm
Monday  /  January 25, 2016  /  St Croix, US Virgin Islands  /  7 am – 6 pm
Tuesday  /  January 26, 2016  /  Antigua  /  8 am – 5 pm
Wednesday  /  January 27, 2016  /  St Lucia  /  8 am – 5 pm
Thursday  /  January 28, 2016  /  Grenada  /  8 am – 5 pm
Friday  /  January 29, 2016  /  Fun day at sea 
Saturday  /  January 30, 2016  /  San Juan  /  Arrive 6 am

*special events are subject to change or modification as required for the operation of the ship.